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Walk Away Your Weight- Urban Challenge-- 20km or 12 mile Walk

Be the tourist in your city. You don't even have to do touristy things, simply pick a desitnation FAR AWAY from home-- Then walk there. Make a day out of it: Eat, drink, have coffee, tea, socialize, whatever. Walk back when you're done, and call it a day. Walking Out Absolutely Thrifty URBAN CHALLENGE: Walk 20km or 12mi in your city. If you don’t have a city, find a city. All you have to do is Walk, and experience whatever experience comes with it. Make a whole day out of it! Walk Talk Stop Take Pictures Eat Drink Sing Rest Whatever, just tally up 20km or 12mi by the time you get back home… There is ONE condition… STAY OFF OF YOUR PHONE. **Reposted from...

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Feel Better, Reduce Your Stress, And Get In-Tune with Nature - Grounding, An Energetic Exchange

Grounding Energy Techniques Too often, our fast-paced lifestyles absorb us into the thick of things, that we so easily overlook ourselves. To promote basic maintenance on ourselves, there is great creative practice in finding a way to ground yourself daily. Seriously, now! Physically take yourself to the ground to ground yourself. This action cultivates a very special energy exchange between yourself and this beautiful planet! Grounding with the earth helps in circulating negatively charged ions through our bodies, which contrastingly to the word 'negative' -- has a positive effect. Negative ions are essentially particles/molecules that are overabundant within nature. They help increase and elevate our moods by interacting with our brains to: Increase serotonin regulate blood pressure reduce stress they can create an...

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Running with the devil's fire- What does it take to achieve your goals?

Welcome, We gather here today to discuss something of significant importance: It has come to our attention that a large sum of people have been half-assing their goals. "Inexcusable, unacceptable, unforgiveable!" In the age of technology, we have over-immersed ourselves with an endless stream of thought. An age where anyone, and everyone is an expert, or guru on something. Everyone, has a voice! Well, well--Don't get us wrong here, WE ARE ALL ABOUT BOLD LIVING AND BEING WHO YOU ARE WHOLEFULLY, and the problem isn't with you! The problem is with those listeners who need to be more selective in their hearing. You know the type, the ones who find said solace within their respective role models-- only to criticize...

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